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Cradle Of Filth verschieben Album-Release

Cradle Of Filth verschieben Album-Release

Autor: AezKayA

Music News

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Die Briten Cradle Of Filth verschieben den Release ihres neuen Albums "Thornography" auf Mitte Oktober. Hier könnt ihr schonmal einen Blick auf das neue Album-Cover werfen: Thornography-Cover

Die Tracklist liest sich wie folgt:

01. Under Pregnant Skies She Comes Alive Like Miss Leviathan
02. Dirge Inferno
03. Tonight in Flames
04. Libertina Grimm
05. Byronic Man
06. I Am The Thorn
07. Cemetery And Sundown
08. Lovesick For Mina
09. The Foetus Of A New Day Kicking
10. Rise Of The Pentagram
11. Under Huntress Moon
12. Temptation

Gitarrist Paul Allender gab zu dem Album folgendes Statement ab:

"There are quite a few guitar solos on this album. To be honest, I've never really classed myself as a lead player as such, but this is the first time I've sat down and seriously practiced lead work. I've been so involved in actually writing new material and coming up with song structures that I haven't had time to practice all the frilly things that go on top of it. Up 'till now, there hasn't really been much room for guitar solos as such. The riffs we write, they're not riffs that are meant to be soloed on top of. They're melodic within themselves. But I'm a great believer than less is definitely more. I love listening to all the shreddy, widdly stuff, but I have no interest in playing it. This new album is quite guitar-orientated. The last album was, but this is definitely more melodic. Dare I say it, there are quite a lot of typical MAIDEN-esque harmonies in there."

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