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Nine Stone Close
(Progressive Rock)

The Dream Is Over
The Dream Is Over

Cendres Célestes
Cantique Lépreux
Cendres Célestes

The Unknown
The Vision Bleak
The Unknown

The Theater Equation
The Theater Equation
(Progressive Rock)

Invention Of Knowledge
Roine Stolt Jon Anderson
Invention Of Knowledge
(Progressive Rock)

Let Your Heads Roll - The Very Best Of The Noise Years 1984 - 1986
Grave Digger
Let Your Heads Roll - The Very Best Of The Noise Years 1984 - 1986

Wild Swimming
Wild Swimming

Nervous Tensions
Hot Mass
Nervous Tensions

Like Rats

Megadeth -

Megadeth - "Never Walk Alone"-Video online

Autor: Antal

Music News

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Den Videoclip zu "Never Walk Alone" vom aktuellen Megadeth-Album "United Abominations" kann man sich ab sofort bei MySpaceTV anschauen.

Am 12. Oktober erscheint das Megadeth-Box-Set "Warchest". Dieses Paket besteht aus 4 CDs und einer DVD und enthält insgesamt sechs Stunden Musik und Videos, die alle digital überarbeitet wurden und einen Überblick über die lange Karriere der Band um Dave Mustaine bieten. Natürlich dürfen bei einer solchen Zusammenstellung auch Live-Aufnahmen und Demo-Recordings nicht fehlen.

Hier das komplette Tracklisting:

Disk: 1
1. Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good!
2. The Skull Beneath The Skin
3. Peace Sells
4. Wake Up Dead
5. Devils Island
6. Set The World Afire
7. Into The Lungs Of Hell
8. Anarchy/Problems [session take]
9. Hook In Mouth
10. Liar
11. In My Darkest Hour
12. No More Mr. Nice Guy
13. “dark themes…”
14. Holy Wars…The Punishment Due [Casey McMackin demo]
15. Tornado Of Souls [demo]
16. Five Magics [demo]
17. Hangar 18

Disk: 2
1. “keeping score…”
2. Symphony Of Destruction
3. Go To Hell - "Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey" Soundtrack
4. Foreclosure Of A Dream
5. Architecture Of Aggression [demo]
6. Skin O’ My Teeth [live at Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI 5/23/92]
7. High Speed Dirt [live at Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI 5/23/92]
8. Ashes In Your Mouth [live at the Cow Palace, S.F., CA 12/4/92]
9. Sweating Bullets [live at the Cow Palace, S.F., CA 12/4/92]
10. Breakpoint [session take]
11. Angry Again
12. Train Of Consequences
13. Reckoning Day
14. New World Order
15. The Killing Road
16. Strange Ways
17. Paranoid
18. Diadems
19. A Tout Le Monde

Disk: 3

1. Trust
2. Almost Honest
3. Use The Man
4. She-Wolf
5. A Secret Place [live at Woodstock, NY 7/25/99]
6. One Thing
7. Duke Nukem
8. Insomnia
9. Crush ‘Em
10. Kill The King
11. Dread And The Fugitive Mind
12. Never Say Die
13. Moto Psycho
14. 1000 Times Goodbye
15. Coming Home
16. Kick The Chair
17. Of Mice And Men

Disk: 4
1. intro/Rattlehead
2. Wake Up Dead
3. Hangar 18
4. Hook In Mouth
5. The Skull Beneath The Skin
6. The Conjuring
7. In My Darkest Hour
8. Lucretia
9. Devils Island
10. Take No Prisoners
11. Peace Sells
12. Black Friday
13. It's Electric
14. Anarchy In The U.K.
15. Holy Wars… The Punishment

Disk: 5
1. intro/Holy Wars…The Punishment Due
2. Wake Up Dead
3. Hangar 18
4. Lucretia
5. Sweating Bullets
6. In My Darkest Hour
7. Tornado Of Souls
8. Ashes In Your Mouth
9. Peace Sells
10. Anarchy In The U.K.

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